Farmer Loan Products (Eligible Payment Conditions)

As one of the banks responsible for paying incentives for agriculture and animal husbandry, various credit opportunities can be used through publicly owned Good Credit.

Continuing its activities in order to understand the needs of the farmer within the scope of the Agricultural Banking activity and to offer appropriate solutions in line with the needs, Good Credit is preferred by more and more producers with its farmer loan products. It is possible to meet the financing needs in a short time through Good Credit, which has dozens of different products on different subjects.

Good Credit Farmer Loans


Through Good Credit, it is possible to benefit from business and investment loans needed in various fields such as crop production, greenhouse cultivation, ovine or bovine breeding, poultry farming.

Preferred by farmers, especially with the strategy it follows in terms of payment plan, Good Credit is based on the harvest period in terms of payments. In this context, farmers who want to take advantage of the related loan products can go to the nearest Good Credit branch and request that the most appropriate payment plan be created.

Business Loans

Business Loans

Loans that can be used within the scope of business loans through Good Credit are as follows:

  • Plant Production Business Loan,
  • Dairy Farming BCH loan,
  • Dairy Farming Business Loan,
  • Livestock Business Loan,
  • Greenhouse Business Loan,

Crop Production Credit

Within the scope of plant production business loan to be allocated through Good Credit, field, garden, under cover, soilless, water culture production etc. It is possible to meet the financing requirement for the productions made on the subject. Thanks to the loan product required to meet these needs, payment requests can be made on issues such as seeds, fertilizers, herbal medicine, fuel, transportation, marketing and the purchase of various fixtures. Documents to be submitted to Good Credit branches when applying are as follows:

  • Birth certificate,
  • ÇKS certificate ,
  • Documents such as land registry record, lease contract proving agricultural enterprise,
  • Documents related to the guarantee to be given,
  • Balance sheet and income statement for the last three years, if operating on a balance sheet basis.

Dairy Farming BCH Loan

It is also possible for dairy farmers to turn to rotary loan products such as BCH loan in accordance with their cash flow. Thanks to this loan product, opportunities such as up to 12 months maturity, 3-month period interest collection, and payment of principal debt at the end of the maturity period can be utilized. The documents that must be submitted to Good Credit branches in order to benefit from the related loan product are:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Residence registration,
  • Copy of title or lease contracts,
  • Business registration certificate, animal passports, membership information for members of breeder unions,
  • Greenhouse agriculture document, if relevant for greenhouse activities.

Dairy Farming Business Loan

Within the scope of dairy farming business loan, farmers have the opportunity to allocate the capital they need to cover the costs incurred during dairy farming. Thanks to this loan product, it is possible to withdraw up to 75% of the production cost. 24-month maturity and monthly, 3-month, 6-month installment payment plans are available. The documents that farmers who want to take advantage of this loan product and finance costs such as feed, medicine and care should submit:

  • Farming certificate,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Certificate of breeding union or milk producers association,
  • Animal passports,
  • Operating license,
  • Documents related to the guarantee to be given.

Livestock Business Credit

It is possible to cover the expenses such as feed, electricity, fuel, maintenance and veterinary services needed during the production within the scope of the livestock business loan. The information that must be presented in order to benefit from this product, which is mutually allocated in a way that has the most appropriate payment plan, is as follows:

  • Farming certificate,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Certificate of breeding union or milk producers association,
  • Operating license,
  • Documents of guarantee,
  • Documents confirming the animals owned.

Greenhouse Business Loan

One of the loan products allocated within the scope of Good Credit Agricultural Banking service is greenhouse business loan. Thanks to this loan product, people who want to invest in modernization in their existing greenhouse or who want to install a new greenhouse can use loans with 60-month maturity and monthly, quarterly, six-month or annual payments. The documents needed to benefit from this loan product are:

  • Copy of identity card,
  • Certificate of residence,
  • Title deeds or rental agreement,
  • Greenhouse agriculture document.

Investment Loans

Investment Loans

Some of the loans that can be used through Good Credit are also covered by investment loans. Loans that can be used within the scope of investment loans are:

  • 0 or 2nd hand tractor loan,
  • 0 or 2nd hand car loan,
  • Machinery and equipment loan,
  • Agricultural land purchase loan.


In addition to these credit products, it is also possible to supply products which provide serious convenience to the producers. These cards are unique products developed specifically for farmers, are generally preferred to benefit from the most advantageous offers, it will be sufficient to go to the nearest Good Credit branch for application.

For applications and other issues regarding the bank’s related products, you can go to Good Credit’s website, as well as read our article on Good Finance Agricultural Credit Products and Conditions for Farmers, one of our other articles on similar products, in an average of 4 minutes.

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